Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Lying for Jesus

A student pastor named Aaron Buer has written a relatively infamous blog post about sex, and why it should be reserved for marriage. Among other things, he writes:
"I have never met anyone who is actually happy about having sex before they were married. All I’ve ever seen and heard is massive regret."
Many people started adding comments to the post telling about their their lives, and how they have not had any problems with premarital sex, with no regret.

What did this Christian pastor, who like other Christians should hold honesty and truth as one of the basic pillars of their faith, do with these comments? Did he perhaps edit the post or apologize?

No, he removed all those comments and disabled further comments. The blog post is still unmodified.

In other words, student pastor Aaron Buer is lying through his teeth: He is still claiming that he has never met anyone who wouldn't have regretted premarital sex, even though that's demonstrably untrue.

I find it amazing how so many Christians seem to so blatantly think that the end justifies the means (ie. going against one of their most basic core principles in order to promote their world view), yet still deny thinking like that, probably even to themselves.

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