Thursday, July 25, 2013


Some creationists seem to be strangely infatuated with the story of the biblical flood. (Among the most known ones are Ian Juby and John Pendleton, among many others.)

Their obsession with the flood story goes beyond just believing it to be true. According to them, almost everything was apparently created by the flood. The Grand Canyon? The flood, of course. Fossils? The flood. Mosquitos trapped in amber? Flood. Dinosaur footprints? They were running from the flood, and the flood preserved the footprints. Some dinosaur species laying eggs in rows? The flood caused that. A handprint that appears to be human? Yes, also the flood.

I'm not exaggerating the slightest bit here. These are exactly the things they are claiming. Yes, including the thing about a dinosaur species laying eggs in rows because of the flood.

I find this infatuation with the flood story quite amusing, really. It's like a flood mania. Basically everything that's old was created by the flood.

In fact, it seems like the flood is more a god to them than the Christian god himself.

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