Saturday, March 9, 2013

God seems quite impotent

Not in that manner, you perv. "Impotent" as in "powerless to do anything."

It seems to be that the more powerful that the god of a specific religion is claimed to be, the more work the followers of that religion seem to have to do in order to impose that god's will and commands, as if their god couldn't do that himself but needed a little "help" from his followers. The most prominent examples of this are, of course, Christianity and Islam. They are probably the two major religions that most loudly and prominently proclaim their god's omnipotence and infinity, and yet go through the most amount of trouble to see their god's commands imposed on others, using very human and earthly methods.

In Christianity, and especially in certain countries (most prominently in the United States, although it's most certainly not the only one,) Christians are trying to pass very earthly and man-imposed laws to promote and protect their religion, to punish people who oppose or deride it, and to stop dissenting opinions from being taught. Many Islamic countries are basically totalitarian theocracies where extremely strict and inhumane laws are imposed, and overblown punishment is applied to non-existent "crimes" (such as the death penalty for denouncing and leaving the state's religion.) If someone insults their prophet or their god, violent protest and riots will ensue, with lots of property damage and even loss of life.

It's as if the god of these people were completely powerless to defend himself, and needed some help from his followers. After all, if someone eg. insults their holy prophet, their god does absolutely nothing about it, and thus it's the followers of that religion who need to punish the perpetrator on their god's behalf, and put a stop to the blasphemy. Because, you know, god seems incapable of doing that himself.

It feels almost like... I don't know... like that god actually doesn't exist. But perhaps that's just me.

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