Thursday, May 30, 2013

Atheism is not a world view, and neither is theism

Many religious people (especially creationists) will claim that atheism is a world view.

I would postulate that this is incorrect. Atheism is not a world view. Moreover, I would even postulate that theism is not a world view either.

By definition, a "world view" is a large set of opinions, beliefs, stances and notions on different aspects of the world and life, a big philosophical framework consisting of lots and lots of questions and answers to them.

Theism and atheism, on the other hand, deal with one question, and one question only: Do you believe in the existence of a god? If you do, then you are a theist, and if you don't then you are an atheist.

What other possible views you might hold in addition to, or as a consequence of, theism or atheism, is completely irrelevant. Those views might be a consequence of that one question, but they are not what defines you as a theist or an atheist.

It might seem strange to say that theism is not a world view, but I think it can be perfectly justified.

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