Monday, April 1, 2013

Creationists and probabilities

Many creationists love to spout all kinds of completely made-up large numbers when arguing about probabilities. (It's amusing that there are as many such made-up numbers as there are original creationist sources, even though they may be arguing for the exact same thing. Every such creationist comes up with a wildly different number.)

I think it's rather telling that basically none of those creationists who come up with these made-up numbers and present them as arguments against abiogenesis (or whatever it is that they are arguing against) have any kind of background neither in mathematics or in the fields of science which they are criticizing, yet the people who do have a background on those subjects don't seem to have any problem with those probabilities.

It's almost as if the people who actually know their math and their science, also know how those things actually work.

(When this is presented to those creationists, the conspiracy theories become quite wild. Basically the hundreds of thousands of people, from different countries and cultures, and who actually work in those fields, are in an enormous worldwide conspiracy to keep quiet about it. It must be Satan influencing all those people. Only creationists are safe from Satan's mindwashing abilities.)

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